You cannot conquer where you have no victory. Effective leadership starts from the victory inside.

There is an authentic powerful YOU that has been waiting to emerge. That YOU that has courageous conversations, follows their true path, cuts loose what no longer works so they can make bold moves in the world. That YOU is who Narachi Leadership engages and emboldens with tools that will shift the way you see your world.

Come, we are waiting for YOU.

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Narachi Leadership is a practice that is aimed at coaching and developing deep benches of high-impact leaders in Africa, founded by Rachel Nyaradzo Adams. Rachel is an ontological and neuroscience coach who uses tools from anthropology, psychology, biomimicry, neuroscience, personality assessments and ontology to co-create deep shifts in her clients. Her intuition is astutely honed to discern the pain points that hinder people from embracing their leadership opportunities. Our speaking events, workshops, advisory and one-on-one coaching help people achieve an inward disposition of clear focus enhancing their impact and relevance in their chosen fields.


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